Brain Injuries

Our attorneys have decades of experience handling cases involving individuals who have suffered from all forms of traumatic brain injury. Brain injury refers to forms of acquired injury and damage that result from induced trauma. This can happen when your head suddenly hits a hard object, or when an object pierces your skull and enters the brain tissue. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is sometimes used interchangeably with brain injury, but this could also refer to brain damage that is much more severe in nature.

If an individual, business or corporation act carelessly or recklessly causing a brain injury, they are responsible for the injured victim’s recovery. A brain injury can create a host of symptoms, including: headache, memory loss, dizziness, blurred vision, confusion, behavioral or mood changes, concentration problems, nausea or vomiting or convulsions or seizures.

Our attorneys are experienced with working with medical experts experienced in brain injuries. Our experts will explain to the jury the complex medical condition in an understandable manner to assist us to succeed with your case.

Brain injuries are extremely common in car accidents, truck accidents, construction accidents and many other activities where individuals or businesses operate in a negligent manner.
Our attorneys will assist you or a loved one with pursuing justice while you can focus on the medical attention and needs that these injuries so often require.