Construction Accidents

Our attorneys are experienced in assisting clients with the unfortunate injuries that regularly occur on a construction site. Construction accidents routinely occur on residential property, commercial property or industrial construction sites resulting in wrongful death, horrific injuries or other significant disabilities. When an individual is injured or killed on or near a construction site, the owner or general contractor or subcontractor may be liable for loss of life or catastrophic injury.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling construction accident cases involving death, crushing injuries, amputation, head injury, fractures or other significant injuries. Such injuries can occur as a result of tunnel accidents, roofing or scaffolding collapse, highway defects, anchor bolt and ceiling tile failure, OSHA violations, safety violations, electrical and mechanical accidents, wall collapse, excavation accidents, drowning accidents, open pits, elevator malfunction accidents, defective equipment, electrocution, fires, trench collapses, improper training and equipment, dropped loads from trucks or cranes or falling debris.

Our attorneys will ensure that contractors, subcontractors or owners are held responsible for violation of any state and/or federal regulations and for failure to provide a reasonably safe work environment.