Truck Accidents

Our attorneys are experienced in representing individuals involved in truck crash cases. These accidents can lead to wrongful death, paraplegia, disfigurement and other significant bodily injury.
We are experienced with working with accident reconstruction experts, medical experts and other experts as part of our aggressive management of these complex cases.

When an operator of a tractor trailer is texting, on the phone, on social media, communicating with dispatch or engaged in other driving distractions, the results can be catastrophic. The drivers and their employers are responsible under the law for the negligence of a driver when the truck accident occurs.

Every day tractor trailers are navigating our highways and driving errors such as speeding, merging unexpectedly, tailgating, braking to late and other errors can cause serious injuries. Truck drivers who are fatigued, falling asleep, or driving under the influence; employers are responsible to ensure that their drivers do not drink alcohol or take drugs while driving. Employers who permit drivers to exceed the maximum hour restriction on driving are responsible for the fatalities and catastrophic injuries resulting from fatigued drivers.

Trucking companies are responsible when letting tractor trailers on our roadways that have defective equipment, such as faulty brakes, unsecured truck load and other defective conditions. Such defects can lead to blind spot and failure to yield accidents, broadside accidents, head-on accidents, jackknife accidents, multi-vehicle pileups, overturned truck accidents, rear-end truck collisions and reversing accidents. Our attorneys will aggressively pursue the relief that you and your loved ones are entitled to as a result of any trucking accident.